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Bowsher Ford Covered Bridge (#32)

Bowsher Ford Covered Bridge (#32)

Built: 1915
Builder: Eugene Britton; Elmer Garrard, Contractor
Creek: (Wabash) Mill Creek
Location: Located 2 miles northwest of Tangier
Reference Code: #32, 14-61 -33, 12-61 -36, rh, Liberty 8-7N—8W
Size: 72 ft long +10’ +10’, 16 ft wide, 13’ 6
Truss: Burr Arch 1 span
Foundation: Concrete

Bridge History: Elmer Garrard was awarded the contract to construct the Bowsher Ford Bridge. Apparently he needed the expertise of the Britton family to complete the job. Eugene Britton, Joseph A. Button’s son, was hired and is credited as builder. Joseph A. Britton, Lawrence Britton, and family were constructing the Jeffries Ford Covered Bridge, across Big Raccoon Creek; Rolling Stone Covered Bridge, Putnam County across Big Walnut Creek; and Sharpe Covered Bridge, Putnam County across Mill Creek, the same year.

Elmer Garrard submitted a bid for the Nevins Covered Bridge in 1920, competing with the Britton family. The bridge was named for the ford at that site. The ford was named for the Bowsher family who owned the land around the ford. The bridge has a wood shingle roof. A full scale covered bridge replica is being used as a farm shed 1/4 mile southwest of the Bowsher Ford Bridge.

The Bowsher Ford Covered Bridge is the same approximate size and configuration as the Big Rocky Fork Bridge, built by Joseph J. Daniels in 1900. In contrast, the Big Rocky Fork Bridge has a stone abutment and a "J. J. Daniels arched portal."