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Harry Evans Covered Bridge (#19)

Harry Evans Covered Bridge (#19)

Built: 1908
Builder: Joseph A. Britton
Creek: Rock Run (was called Iron Run)
Location: Located 1/2 mile northwest of Coxville.
Reference Code: #19, 14-61-10, 12-61-10, dn, Florida 16-14N—8W
Size: 65 ft long +8’ +8’, 16 ft wide, 13’ clearance
Truss: Burr Arch 1 span
Foundation: Concrete

Bridge History: The Harry Evans Bridge was built the same year and by the same builder as the Zacke Cox and the Weisner covered bridges.

One former neighbor of the bridge became incensed when he learned that the bridge is now called the Harry Evans Bridge. He said that Harry Evans lived on top of the hill above the bridge and it was originally named for an Evans living in the valley nearer the bridge.

Harry Evans owned the land near the bridge. The land remained in the Evans name through the 1960’s.  The road near the bridge was washed out on numerous occasions. Through the years, a farmer has maintained a ford just west of the bridge.

There are many old dangerous coal mines in the hills near the Harry Evans Bridge. There is a seemingly bottomless air shaft nearby.