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Wilkins Mill Covered Bridge (#35)

Wilkins Mill Covered Bridge (#35)

Built: 1906
Builder: William Hendricks
Creek: Sugar Mill Creek (now dry bed)
Location: Located east of US 41, north of Indiana Highway 47, and 1/2 mile northwest of Turkey Run State Park.
Reference Code: #35, 14-61-35, 12-61-38, sh, Sugar Creek 20-17N—7W
Size: 102 ft long +9’ +9’, 16 ft wide, 13 ft clearance
Truss: Burr Arch 1 span
Foundation: Concrete

Repair/Restoration History: Reroofed and resided in 1991 for $6,000.

Bridge History: Wilkins Mill was built in 1835 by Solomon Jessup and Zimri Hunt. James Moore and Zimri Hunt’s log barn and house are up the hill south of the bridge.

George Wilkins opened a store there in 1853. A carding mill was operated there by Solomon Jessup and William Hunt.

The mill was sold to George Wilkins in 1855. He tore down the old mill and built a new one. This was the source of the name Wilkins Mill. This mill burned down in 1877. A new mill was built, which stood until 1947.

Sugar Mill and Green Creek converged below the bridge site. After one flood, the creek changed course leaving the bridge over a dry bed for a period of time. Parke County creeks are still changing course as they have for thousands of years. An eighty-five year old covered bridge won’t make a difference. The creeks will go where they wish.

This is the second of three covered bridges built by William Hendricks.